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1. Returns and Cancellations

Weeloot Inc. grants successful bidders the right to cancel a purchase for a full refund of the auction end price even if the goods are not defective in any way, subject to the following limitations. This cancellation right terminates at 5 pm on the day, which is fourteen days after the day on which a successful bidder receives the goods or a notification that the goods are ready for collection. Day one of this fourteen day period is the day following such receipt or notification.

The right to cancel does not apply in the event the item consists of audio or video recordings or computer software whose packaging has been unsealed after delivery or collection. These items are not eligible for return or refund. Sets or boxes can only be returned in their entirety. If a successful bidder wishes to cancel the contract within the fourteen (14) day period, they must inform Weeloot Inc. in writing (by letter or email). The successful bidder must retain proof that the writing was transmitted within such 14 days. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted.

The following contact details must be used:

Weeloot Inc.
928 N. San Fernando Blvd. J626 Burbank,
Ca 91504

In order to complete cancellation, a purchaser must return the product or products in good merchantable condition, as might be expected of any new product. The cost of postage for delivery by mail or the cost of other delivery methods for the return of a product will be paid by the User (unless the goods he/she received were found to be faulty). If the User is unable to return the service or product received or is only able to return it in part or only in a depreciated condition, the User will have to pay compensation to Weeloot Inc. [the amount refundable will be reduced proportionally].

Should Weeloot Inc. incur costs because the User has not included sufficient postage or other carrier or transport costs paid by the Purchaser for the return were not sufficient, these costs will be deducted from any payment remitted to the User.

2. Compensation for Defects

Where there is a defect in the product received and the Purchaser wishes to retain the product and receive compensation from Weeloot Inc. for the reduction in value arising from the defect, the Purchaser must provide Weeloot Inc. with reasonably sufficient evidence of the defect and the reduction in value. Accordingly, minor defects will occasion a minor compensation to the Purchaser by Weeloot Inc.. The Purchaser must make such claim within the fourteen (14) day period set out above in section 10 of these Terms and according to the same conditions.